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Since our formation in 1999 we have produced and published a wealth of information that has been referenced in international media reporting and has assisted compliance and business crime mitigation across the globe.

In this section we have expanded on our historical archived white papers with new relevant fact sheets, case examples and frequently asked questions on AML and KYC issues.

If you have any questions, please contact us, or visit our services section to see how we can assist you with your AML and KYC requirements.

Fact Sheets

For over fifteen years, Proximal Consulting have had in-depth and unrivalled experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering and enhanced due diligence investigations.

As a result of the wealth of knowledge we have gained over the years, we have produced a collection of fact sheets that are available to download for free in PDF format. The fact sheets give a precise and detailed overview of key AML and KYC topics by Proximal Consulting founder and recognised AML expert Peter Lilley. The topics covered include politically exposed persons, enhanced due diligence and red flags.

Archive White Papers

Alongside the fact sheets we have included our white paper series as an historical archive. Our white papers originate from Proximal Consulting’s launch in 1999. The documents provided precise and detailed information on cutting edge business crime topics during a period when the Internet as a source of business information was in its infancy. Through the archive you can see how key topics have evolved, but the fundamentals (such as our information on red flags) have stayed the same and remain as relevant and applicable today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

This section addresses questions that potential clients often ask, along with more general AML and KYC definitions and queries.

Case Examples

This section features some examples of the types of cases that we have worked on, giving an insight into the complex and varied ways we have assisted clients in achieving their AML and KYC enhanced due diligence goals. Due to our strict client confidentiality, the scenarios are entirely fictional and we have changed names where applicable, although the key ways in which we have aided numerous clients over the years is still evident.

Books and Websites

Through his thirty years’ experience of anti-money laundering and fraud investigations, Peter Lilley has written on a variety of business crime subjects. This includes two internationally successful books published with Kogan Page. Alongside Peter’s books we feature our dedicated AML website

Videos & Presentations 

This page showcases some of the multimedia content produced by Proximal Consulting.


Fresh for 2017 we have launched the Proximal Consulting Blog, featuring regular topical posts on the following topics:

  • AML (Anti Money Laundering)
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Due diligence and EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence)
  • Financial and business crime
  • Fraud
  • Sanctions
  • Offshore banking
  • Terrorist Financing

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