Fact Sheets and White Papers

Since 1999 Proximal Consulting have produced a wealth of information that has been referenced globally through TV, radio and newspapers, alongside forming the backbone for several international books.

On this page we have expanded our historical white papers through the production of new relevant fact sheets that clearly explain and analyse AML, KYC and business crime topics.

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Fact Sheets

For nearly two decades, Proximal Consulting have had in-depth and unrivalled experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering and enhanced due diligence investigations.

As a result of the wealth of knowledge we have gained over the years, we have produced a collection of fact sheets that are available to download for free in PDF format. The 2017  fact sheets give a precise and detailed overview of key AML and KYC topics by key Proximal Consulting team members.

 Fact Sheet: Politically Exposed Persons

  • What are the increased risks for a financial institution entering into, or maintaining, a relationship with a PEP, close family member or close associate of a PEP? 
  • What is a politically exposed person? 
  • Do individuals ever stop being classified as PEPs when they have left office?  
  • Change of PEP status

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Fact Sheet: Red Flags Of Money Laundering

  • An introduction to red flags 
  • Examples of red flags
  • How due diligence is an essential part of establishing new business relationships

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Fact Sheet: Enhanced Due Diligence

  • What is enhanced due diligence?
  • Why carry out enhanced due diligence checks?

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­­Fact Sheet: Terrorist Financing­­

  • What Is terrorist financing?
  • How does terrorist financing differ from money laundering?
  • What are some of the similarities between terrorist financing & money laundering?
  • The difficulty in detecting terrorist financing 
  • Estimated costs & funding sources
  • What can our clients do to protect themselves?

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White Papers

The Proximal Consulting white paper series began when Proximal Consulting launched in 1999. The white papers provided precise and detailed information on cutting edge business crime topics during a period when the Internet as a source of business information was in its infancy. We are now making these white papers available again. 

Whilst the specific cases and examples used in the white papers are historical, the fundamental issues and potential red flags have remained the same.

Please note that the white papers are provided as an un-edited archive: any content, laws, regulations or similar were correct at the time of publishing, but may now be out of date.