Enhanced Due Diligence Reports on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)

Relationships with PEPs may represent increased risks due to the possibility that individuals holding such positions may misuse their power and influence for personal gain and advantage or for the personal gain or advantage of family and close associates
— The Wolfsberg Group

Proximal Consulting provide comprehensive and thorough background reports on politically exposed persons (PEPs), as well as reports on their close associates and family members. Our reports ensure that the legal and regulatory obligations of our clients with regard to know your customer (KYC) due diligence are met and that our clients are not exposed to reputational, operational, legal or corruption risks.

There is no universally accepted definition of a PEP. However, the Wolfsberg Group and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) define a PEP as a natural person of public functions (domestic or international) including, but not limited to, heads of state, senior judicial officials, and members of royal families.

All our KYC enhanced due diligence reports are tailor-made to our clients’ requirements at a fixed price and within an agreed time frame. Our reports differ from simple database results and they give clear, concise and detailed information. 

Our resources section features client case examples, frequently asked questions and fact sheets of key AML topics alongside our archived white paper collection.

In addition, we also offer country risk reports which are of particular relevance if the individual(s) in question is from or based in what is considered to be a higher risk country. We analyse national and local risks in each country and provide a detailed examination of political risks, whether the jurisdiction is subject to any sanctions, general business risks, money laundering risks, and corruption risks in order to demonstrate how these factors could affect your business in the short to medium term. 

To help our clients conduct ongoing monitoring, we can also provide regular update reports on PEPs. Furthermore, if an existing client becomes a PEP after commencing their relationship with our client, we can provide updated intelligence on the individual(s).

Our resources section features client case examplesfrequently asked questions and fact sheets of key AML topics alongside our archived white paper collection.

To request more information about our background checks on PEPs, their close associates and family members, please contact us.